FERRYKER TURBO Ltd. and its predecessor Ferryker Bt. was founded by Ferenc Jäckl in 1994.

At the beginning Ferryker Bt. was dealing with automobile spare parts and starting from 1995 it began its activity in the turbo charger sales and repair field. During the past years it has become one of the biggest companies dealing with turbochargers, turbocharger spare parts and professional repairing of the same.

The necessary equipment and technology was available for the professional repairing of the turbochargers.

In 1995 Ferryker Bt. was appointed as the Hungarian representative and service of the KKK / Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch AG / turbo manufacturer. In the summer of 1996 Ferryker Bt. became the first official factory representative and service in East Europe.
The repairing of turbochargers is a licensed activity, requiring an H license.

Ferryker Bt has received the H 13-04-3916 license for repairing turbochargers from the Hungarian authority traffic supervisory in 1996 upon presenting its request, describing and demonstrating the repairing technologies used.

It has purchased it first core assembly balancing machine in 1998. This equipment ensures that the repaired core assembly or the ones built from spare parts can be balanced as per the factory quality requirements.

As of 1999 Ferryker has become the first East European factory representative of the Mitsubishi turbochargers.

Starting from 2000 it has become the representative of BorgWarner Turbo Systems, which is the owner of 3K-Warner / KKK /, Schwitzer as well as Hitachi turbocharger manufacturing factories.

Starting from March 2001 it has become the Hungarian official sales and service representative of BorgWarner Turbo Systems entitled to check and evaluate the damaged turbochargers under warranty.

It has received its certification EN ISO 9002:1994 in December 2001, among the first ones in Hungary.

Its registration number is CERT-11668-2002-AQ-BUD-TGA issued by DNV /Det Norske Veritas/.

Ferryker Bt. deals with the sales and servicing of all kinds of turbochargers, whether they are turbochargers of personal cars, utility vehicles, and agricultural machinery, tractors, and buses, turbochargers of stable engines using diesel or gas.

It has a significant stock from spare parts to complete turbochargers.

Ferryker founded Turbo Servis Slovakia s.r.o in Košice, Slovakia and K-Turbo Service Romania s.r.l. in Timisoara, Romania at the end of 1998, with 50 per cent ownership in both companies.

Representatives of both companies attended factory training to be able to carry out their activities to the highest standards, being aware of the latest product and technological knowledge.

The official authorized service for Fiat Hungary Ltd. since 1999.

Since January 2000 Ferryker is repairing ABB industrial turbochargers with original spare parts.

Since April 2003 it is the official turbocharger service for Renault Hungary Ltd.It has aquired the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 certificate through Első Magyar Tanúsító Ltd. in Ferbuary 2004, the National Quality Assurance Certificate number is: 17459.

Ferryker Bt. has been changed to Ferryker Limited as of registry date of 7 June, 2004.

Its official Hungarian name is FERRYKER TURBO Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. (FERRYKER TURBO Trading and Servicing Ltd). Its short name is: FERRYKER TURBO Kft. (FERRYKER TURBO Ltd.)

The new Ferryker Ltd has started constructing its new headquarters in the industrial area of the 23rd district of Budapest in January, 2005.

Starting from the spring of 2006 Ferryker has become the turbo charger service for both Peugeot Hungary and Citroen Hungary for under warranty turbochargers.

Ferryker Turbo Ltd. Has moved to its new location on the 12. June 2006. The new building has 120 sq. m office area, the stock is 460 sq. m and the work shop is 180 sq. m. which with its machinery, stock supply and equipment makes Ferryker the biggest and most modern facility in
its kind in Hungary.

The most up-to-date shaft balancing machine from Schenck RoTec Gmbh, the 110MBRS, arrived in October 2006. The use of this machine makes it possible to achieve the factory balancing of the shafts. The factory data has to be entered in the memory of the machine and the balancing has to be carried out until the value is within the given factory tolerance. The data of the balancing is then printed out.

In October 2007 we have procured another modern equipment, namely the TB Comfort balancing machine for rotors from SCHENCK RoTec GmbH. It is possible to balance all rotor starting from the smallest up to the weight of 15 kg also within the factory given data which then can be printed out.

Sine sping of 2007 we are proving the testing services for the warranty period for Porsche Hungary.

As of September 2007 we are the Hungarian representatives and service for the PBS Turbo industrial turbocharger manufacturer. Our technicians participated a factory training in Velká Bites.

In December 2007 we started the II phase of our construction in which a 420 sq. m hall will be constructed.

Since September 2008 we are the Hungarian representative and service of KBB Turbomanufacturer (Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH). Apart from the technicians of Ferryker, those from Turbo Servis Slovakia s.r.o. as well as K-Turbo Service s.r.l. have participated in the factory training. The training took place at our own (Ferryker Turbo Ltd.) training center run by the factory engineer as trainer.

In January 2009 Ferryker Turbo Ltd. has been re-audited against the criteria of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

As the result of the meetings held at the Automechanika exhibition in Frankfurt Ferryker Turbo Ltd. is broadening its range of products with those of the BorgWarner BERU Systems.

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